Having F. A. I. T. H.

Let’s get to something that pushes the art world, hell the real world into action- faith. I am not talking about faith in god, or faith in the universe. What I am talking about is faith in your idea. Faith in a creative goal, faith in making a dream come true. Most of the worldContinue reading “Having F. A. I. T. H.”

Monday Meditation on Adult Awareness

The difference between adults and children is the level of awareness. Arrogance leads us to believe that adults are more aware than children. Oh, the bullshit we believe to feel superior. By late childhood we already assume we know what is in the world and what is going to happen. Ten years of being hereContinue reading “Monday Meditation on Adult Awareness”

Freedom Is From The Inside Out

I just want you to know that you don’t have to think the same way everyone else does. It is true. School, major religions, and conservatism would have you believe there is a right way to think and feel about everything. Their stance is bullshit oversimplification, based on old authorities. It assumes we are allContinue reading “Freedom Is From The Inside Out”