30 Days To Transform Your Life

Can your life dramatically change in thirty days?If something horrible like a car accident happens, yes. If your significant other Leaves you, yes. If you get fired, yes. If you find out you have type one diabetes, yes. If you get diagnosed with cancer, yes. If you lose a child or spouse to suicide, yes.…More

Never Give Up

There are a number of things to quit; smoking, drinking, spending hours scrolling through social media sites. Quitting isn’t the easiest thing to do, it isn’t giving up, it is intentionally stopping. It is fighting impulses, desires, and addictions. The quitters are active. They are stopping something to make their life better. Shit, it is…More

Plan For A Better Tomorrow

Everyone is different. Simple fact, our brains do not all work the same. Different segments of us process life differently. It is fine and okay. What looks like laziness to some people is actually just another person’s mental inability to initiate and follow through on tasks. The tasks still need to get done, they just…More