Your Life’s Echo

Good morning, let’s go. A lot happens in our personal lives that affects each of us differently. The echo of actions and lives of others change our journey in radical ways. From heartbreak to life partner to best friend, we don’t have control over the consequences when it comes to relationships. Two years ago, myContinue reading “Your Life’s Echo”

Top Of Your Game

Good Morning, let’s rock and roll. The world is a big place with a variety of obstacles and problems. We live in times of major catastrophes, upheavals, and fucking disappointments. No matter what is happening in the great big world, we have to figure our shit out. We have to figure out how to live.Continue reading “Top Of Your Game”

The Work Of Leaders and The Problems of Today, Kind of.

Good morning, let’s get it. The work. It is on my fucking mind. Why? Because we have problems. As a global community, we have problems. As nations, we have problems. As cities, we have problems. As small communities, that’s fucking right, we have problems. Because, as individuals we have a lot of problems. Unfortunately, allContinue reading “The Work Of Leaders and The Problems of Today, Kind of.”