Faith Shouldn’t Be Forced

Good Morning, Let’s Go! This is a long one: Be careful who you read and listen to. Be careful who you give your attention to. Be careful with your mind, it is an easily manipulated place. If you read a book, it changes the physical aspect to your brain, the same thing goes with watching…More

The Life and Death of Dreams

Good morning, let’s go. Change is a big, big, big fucking deal. Some changes set us back. Other changes move us forward. No change sets us back. For us to live things need to change. Living things change: They move, they grow, they produce offspring, they nurture. Dreams if living, will change over time. Nobody…More


Good morning, let’s dive in. Reality is a bitch. A mean, heartbreaking, soul stealing, life ruining, bitch. And, and life is a beautiful, caring, nurturing, intoxicating, dream. There are horrible things that happen. There are people who commit horrible acts against innocent men, women, and children. There are people who are callous to the damage…More