The Ghost of New Year’s Goals Past

Good Morning, lets jump in. The just passed half way through the year, I know it seems obvious. But there are goals we haven’t even started on: Summer bod? New career? Art projects? A storage closet that needs to be cleaned? A book you started writing last November and planned to finish writing by April?…More

Repent From Hate

What is normal? Is it normal to hate? Is it normal to blame societal problems on small groups of people? Is it normal to hate people different than you? Is it normal to claim high morality if covering up wrong doings is more important than the truth? Is it normal to hate? Pride month, what…More

The Greatest, Serves

Good Morning, let’s do this. There is a difference between those who are given much to condemn themselves and those who are given much to bless others. Each builds their lives in a way that either makes one generous or greedy. It doesn’t what a person starts with. The Almighty unlike us doesn’t care about…More