The Life and Death of Dreams

Good morning, let’s go. Change is a big, big, big fucking deal. Some changes set us back. Other changes move us forward. No change sets us back. For us to live things need to change. Living things change: They move, they grow, they produce offspring, they nurture. Dreams if living, will change over time. Nobody…More

Work and Dreams

Good Morning, lets go. So, NaNoWriMO has been going on. I should be writing that right now instead of this. But instead here we are, I just gotta say the writing frequency on this blog is going to be off. I thought I would be able to write for a few minutes after working on…More

October 31st, Nanowrimo, and Goal Setting For Next Year

Good morning, let’s go. We got two months left of the year. That is it 61 days. 61 days to new resolutions.61 days to new goals.61 days to new diets.61 days to put off doing shit you should have done 304 days ago. Tomorrow is November… For writers it is the temptation month of nanowrimo.…More