Day 1: Rugged Optimist Mindset

Resistance The first thing you will encounter will be what Steven Pressfield calls “Resistance” He talks about it like a force of nature. It comes at you and does its best to stop you from accomplishing your goal. I agree. But I go further. The resistance to the goals we set is a challenge. It…More

30 Days To Transform Your Life

Can your life dramatically change in thirty days?If something horrible like a car accident happens, yes. If your significant other Leaves you, yes. If you get fired, yes. If you find out you have type one diabetes, yes. If you get diagnosed with cancer, yes. If you lose a child or spouse to suicide, yes.…More

The Ball is in Your Court

“The ball is in your court” is a great thing when it is your mindset. The action the world needs to change is up to you. Over the weekend, shit over the last week, a lot of things happened. For some their whole world turned upside down. For others, they lost everything. But for a…More