Choose The Work

Choosing the work you will do isn’t easy. Choosing takes self direction.There is no leader to follow. There is no clear path. There is no guarantee of success. What there is, is a guarantee of work. That is what it is like picking a goal, a dream, or a dead-end job. The ball is in…More

Overcoming Comfort

The hardest thing for most people to do is take action when they are comfortable. We know instinctively that life is hard. We know that “out there” in the world predators and dangers lurk. So, when we find a safe place where all are needs are met; we stay. There is no reason to jeopardize…More

Don’t Make Your Life Harder

There are goals most of us have set for the new year. Most of those goals are so radical that we can only live that way for a week. For many reasons it doesn’t fit our lifestyle, personality, or will power capacity. Slow and Fucking Steady That needs to be the mindset. Slow and steady…More