Get The Win

Good Morning, let’s jump in. Go fuck shit up today. It is the end of the week. You either killed it or got killed, I don’t care which. You need to get after it, finish the week with a win. Do the thing you want to do and let that be a win. I know…More

Courage is Required

Good Morning, Let’s dive in. Stepping onto a ledge is terrifying. Instinct kicks in and immediately you know you can die. I am not kidding, you might transform that fear into excitement, but your body and soul knows this shit could end for you. That is how most people feel when they actually pursue their…More

A Little Better Over Time

Good Morning, Let’s Rock! This is going to be quick. Get better. Get a little better every day. Life is not a race, but a series of discoveries. Every turn puts us in a new position. We have the chance to grow, to pursue our purpose and to become better or get stuck. We can…More