Survival and Entertainment

We are consistently building perspective. We do this to survive. Most of us don’t notice, but it is what we do when we talk, read, or watch a video. We are blessed with this survival skill, but use it mostly towards entertainment. Let’s break it down though. If we study ourselves, we learn how to…More

What It Takes To Do One Thing Well

There are a lot of new things you could try. There are plenty of dreams to explore. But today like all days you must choose to do one thing well. Not perfect, just well. You really don’t have to but if you do, you will figure out what you value. It is that simple. What…More

What Time is It?

Perfect timing isn’t real. There is good timing, poor timing, and procrastination. All three have an effect on our dreams. Procrastination is, was, and will forever be the putting off of what we want with a bullshit excuse. When it comes to timing it is the worst culprit. It is never the time to pursue…More