Becoming World Class at Anything In Life

What if the best thing you are good at doesn’t mean you are the best in the world at it? What if you are just good enough? What if you arent’ even good enough to make a living at doing what you love, because your work is subpar? DON’T FUCKING WORRY ABOUT IT! I knowContinue reading “Becoming World Class at Anything In Life”

Service With a Smile (Read This Post)

The simple reality of life is those who willingly serve others are better for it. Personally, I think of life in more expressionistic terms; I don’t like to think of humans and other life forms as tools or a means, but we all are. We play a role in the life of the planet. WeContinue reading “Service With a Smile (Read This Post)”

What is the point of Self-Help or Self-Development?

When people only become a source for information, when life is only about learning and growing, we stop living, we stop being. When all things are a gift and people are there to share the experiences with our life gains value, and so do the people we interact with. The above statement is something IContinue reading “What is the point of Self-Help or Self-Development?”