Rules Are Made To?

Good Morning, Let’s Go! What rules do you think you need to play by? What world do you live in? What rules of that world makes no sense in any other time? What do you think would happen if you broke those rules? What do you think would happen if you challenged them? What do…More

Plans Are Future Maps

Good morning, let’s Go! There are things in our lives, we would like to change. People we would like to meet and places we would like to go. For most of us, we won’t do any of it. The reason is we don’t have a plan to do anything to make it happen. The old…More

Mind Your Business

Good Morning, Let’s go. Business by any other name is getting shit done. When it comes to getting shit done, you and I need to be clear what our business is. What is it we are trying to accomplish and by what means are we trying to get it done by. Most people do not…More