The Hamster Wheel of Life

Good Morning, let’s go. Most of us have our own personal mental traps. Our own self-made hamster wheel. I had the very unpleasant experience of confronting mine this weekend and will do so for the rest of the week. We do things in hope they will make our life better. But that is not always…More

Do You Boo

Good Morning, Let’s jump in. The rest of the day is yours. It is yours to react to. It is yours to act on. You are free to interact with life. Don’t fucking make an excuse as to why you cannot do shit you want. The world doesn’t give two shits about your reasons for…More

Goals and Effort

Good Morning, Let’s roll! Goal setting is guess work. Especially if can only assume doing certain things will attain a certain outcome. When the goal something outside of your normal experience, you don’t know what to expect. Which leaves you a question mark with the amount of effort it will take to achieve the goal.…More