Go F’n Wild

Good morning, let’s get it. Most of us have a fucking wild dream we want to pursue. Some of us, me, have stupid fun ideas we want to pursue. And the reality is if it is legal and doesn’t harm anyone, no one is stopping us. It might be a Wednesday to you, but that…More

Having A Plan

Good morning, let’s go. Do you want to know what holds most people back from getting shit done? It is simple, they lack a plan. Crazy, right? They have dreams, goals, desires, intentions, but no plans to get there. It is more common than you think. It isn’t that people don’t know how. It takes…More

Who You Are And Getting Sh*t Done

Good morning, let do this thing. What matters is getting shit done. Deep down, we all generally feel better when we get shit done. Some people can deep dive and get one thing done. Then there are people like me who look like a fucking toddler playing with all the toys. My focus shifts fast…More