Purpose Is Daily

Good Morning, Let’s go. There are days we can’t be 100% We might be sick, just drained, or hurt. What do we do on those days? One fucking thing. We have 365 days that make up a year. Most of those days are bullshit alone. You won’t remember them. They are just keeping you alive.Continue reading “Purpose Is Daily”

Feeling Lost In Life

Good Morning, Let’s get going. Sometimes we get lost. I shit you not. Before smartphones, people carried fucking maps. It was a necessity for every vehicle to have a map. And once you got lost, you had to find your place on that map. Unlike the map at the mall there is no you areContinue reading “Feeling Lost In Life”

Experience is Hindsight Knowledge

Good Morning, let’s jump in. Don’t worry about getting things right the first time. It is a waste of your emotional energy, worry that is. Worry is imagining only a negative outcome and ultimately manifesting that outcome. Worry is only good in the planning stage. After you plan to do something worrying doesn’t help. ItContinue reading “Experience is Hindsight Knowledge”