Who You Are And Getting Sh*t Done

Good morning, let do this thing. What matters is getting shit done. Deep down, we all generally feel better when we get shit done. Some people can deep dive and get one thing done. Then there are people like me who look like a fucking toddler playing with all the toys. My focus shifts fastContinue reading “Who You Are And Getting Sh*t Done”

The Rules Used To Determine How You Will Live

Good morning, let’s do it. What we do by nature is a big part of who we are. What we do by choice defines who we are. What we do out of necessity defines the limits of our bravery and imagination. We need reasons. We need reasons to explain life, so then we can functionContinue reading “The Rules Used To Determine How You Will Live”

Adversity and Goals

Good morning, let’s go. I woke up sick. Not any kind of sick, but sick. Headache, sweats, and eventually a little vomiting. It took a while to get back to sleep. Then the alarms went off. I am still ugh. But I seem okay, still with the headache. My hope for today is I getContinue reading “Adversity and Goals”