The First Is A Great Day To Start

Good morning, let’s go. Start something new today. It is the first. You have 31 days, including today to do something you think is cool. 31 days to build a new habit, lose five pounds, gain strength or just learn a new skill. Personally, I like to take the NaNoWriMo, challenge and fail at it,…More

Experiencing Time

Good Morning, Let Go! Time is experienced differently for each of us. For instance, for me it has been a long week, but right now I am amazed how fast it has gone. I remember starting Monday like it was yesterday. I have no idea where the week has gone. But when I think about…More

The Day Before F’ It February

Sometime late January I was feeling, blah. Not sick, but sick. Not bored, but bored. The solution to my melancholy- Fuck It February! You see I needed something to look forward to. (Sidenote: I love the number 2 I couldn’t give you a valid reason. It just appeals to me) And this February is the…More