Why You Eat

Good morning, let’s jump in. The hardest part of starting a diet is the discipline it takes to change. If the diet is in a deficit, then hunger will demand you break the diet. If you are cutting sweets, the craving for something tasty, carbs are delicious and hook it up with an instant energyContinue reading “Why You Eat”

Eat Food and Lounge About

Good Morning, let’s go. You are a whole human being. You are not just thoughts, emotions, and desires, you are an actual body. Your body is not only the place where you live, it is also a physical system that impacts how you live. What you feed your body can make you sluggish, jitters, orContinue reading “Eat Food and Lounge About”

The Choices You Make Before You Show Up

Good Morning, let’s go. There is a flawed assumption most people have and it is summarized in a single saying, “We will figure it out when we get there.” That shit just isn’t true. For instance, if I were to ask what you were going to do at the gym? The gym is the bestContinue reading “The Choices You Make Before You Show Up”