Rest is Useful

What is the best use of your time? The best use of your time, think about it. Not what would you like to do with your time, but what is the most useful to you. Useful, is life sustaining efforts. Useful is progressive activities that move you from surviving to thriving. Going to school, taking…More

Don’t Make Your Life Harder

There are goals most of us have set for the new year. Most of those goals are so radical that we can only live that way for a week. For many reasons it doesn’t fit our lifestyle, personality, or will power capacity. Slow and Fucking Steady That needs to be the mindset. Slow and steady…More

Use The Time You Have, Not The Time You Dream of Having

Good Morning, let’s get it. Taking control of your time isn’t easy. There are things that pull at your time. More that that your body just wants to relax. I shit you not, I woke up from a nap on Sunday with the thought of how crazy it was that I was going to work…More