The Worlds We Dwell In Live In Our Minds.

There are many places we live. Most take place in our heads. They are “what if” scenarios. We play them out imagining outcomes. Some take place in our real lives, job interviews, dates, hard conversations. Others in fantasy worlds. Who would win in a fight, The Hulk or Superman? Writing fiction is to make time…More

Fiction and The Use of It

Good morning, let’s go! The world is full of people you don’t know, but have they have the same basic needs and wants. They have different personalities. They have different desires. They have different circumstances and situations. When these things come together over time we get the world we live in now. The joy of…More

Writing- Pantser, Plotting, and NANOWRIMO

Hey, I know it is late. But let’s go anyway. Alright, nanowrimo is National Novel Writing Month. It is a hard work. The word count to hit is 50,000 words. Those words do not exist until they get put down. I as you know am participating in it. Shit is hard work. This is only…More