Success Isn’t Based On Yourself Perception

Good Morning, Let’s go. There is always a pressure that things need to be done now. If not done, then we will miss out. Or that we will be too old and we will miss out chance at doing what we love. We feel a time pressure- the world is caving in around us. WeContinue reading “Success Isn’t Based On Yourself Perception”

Effort and Life

Good Morning, Let’s go. Effort is the only thing you have control of. That is a great thought, but the truth is the Almighty made each of us different. Each of us has a fluctuating capacity to do things. Not only does our ability to act and react fluctuate, it is also limited. The olderContinue reading “Effort and Life”

Put January Behind You

Have you ever got a gym membership in December, just to go one week in January. Yeah, fuck that membership. Really, drop it. Go to the gym and let them know you are fucking done. Okay use email, I guess unsubscribe, whatever it takes to not have that payment and mental burden. The diet- ohContinue reading “Put January Behind You”