Change Your Target

Do not think about the world. Do not think about billions of people. Do not think about millions of people. Do not think about thousands of people. Do not think about a hundred people. Think about ten. Ten turns into a hundred. A hundred turns into a thousand. A thousand can turn into a million.Continue reading “Change Your Target”

Intellectual Entertainment

Let’s face it you’re a fucking smarty pants. You read blogs, probably listen to podcasts, and read at least two nonfiction books a year, but you buy like ten. I am willing to bet you also write, make art, and enjoy stimulating conversations. At least that is how I imagine you to be. You don’tContinue reading “Intellectual Entertainment”

Make The Time

Make the time to make art. Make the time to make friends. Make the time to read. Make the time to laugh. Make the time to be entertained. Make the time to lay down. Make the time to connect. Make the time to write. Make the time to exercise. Make the time to move. MakeContinue reading “Make The Time”