Top Of Your Game

Good Morning, let’s rock and roll. The world is a big place with a variety of obstacles and problems. We live in times of major catastrophes, upheavals, and fucking disappointments. No matter what is happening in the great big world, we have to figure our shit out. We have to figure out how to live.…More

Doom Scrolling And Golf Courses

Good morning, let’s go. With the world imploding because of our abuse of the planet, greed, and ableism. There is a shit ton of bad news. All the fucking time. Not only that we, humanity, act like our bullshit hobbies are more important that reality. We act as if because someone has money, they have…More

Take Your Wins Daily

Good morning, let’s go. What is the win? Really? What is the win for you? For me it fluctuates. Yesterday the win was making people laugh. I just showed up on a regular day of work dress out of place and people loved it. Humor is a win for me. Making people feel appreciated sometimes…More