Life Changes Without Your Permission

Good morning, let’s get it. Have you ever been fired? How about get a new boss?What about getting into a car accident?Ever lose your keys and wind up late for work?Oh, the powers that be hire a complete asshole who ruins the work environment for everyone?Maybe, gas prices got you driving further on less than…More

When You Die, There Will Be Laughing IF You Lived

Good morning, let’s go. There is a lot of laughing at funerals. Of course crying, but if someone lived a good life, there is a lot of laughing. There is a lot of memories shared. I’ve been to a lot of funerals. We all have to face death.But before that.We must choose to live. Our…More

The Last Quarter Of the Year 2022

Happy Spooky season and good morning, let’s go. I am going to start off with life can change fast. I have to go to a funeral today. A widow lost the person she was going to spend her life with, children lost their father, hero, and provider. Friends and family left hurting and no amount…More