Death, Life, and The Story We Leave Behind

Death sits at the door, in the passenger seat, and just around the corner. Until recently death, the loss of a loved one was rare. A pandemic changes that kind of thing. It put those of us who lived in relative safety in danger. I know it is not over, the world we live in…More

A Life In Protest

Good Morning, Let’s Go! One life. As far as we know. You get the one life. It is full of mistakes, mishaps, and misfortune- caused by ourselves and others.It is not fair, it can be cruel, and it doesn’t show mercy. One life. There are beliefs of multiple lives. There are beliefs in an afterlife.There…More

The Life and Death of Dreams

Good morning, let’s go. Change is a big, big, big fucking deal. Some changes set us back. Other changes move us forward. No change sets us back. For us to live things need to change. Living things change: They move, they grow, they produce offspring, they nurture. Dreams if living, will change over time. Nobody…More