Cut It Out

Good morning, let’s go! Changes happen. Most often this time of year. Personally, I am cutting things out this year. I am changing habits and focusing in on what I want and what I want to accomplish. I plan on leading a boring life. I like boring- it is where my creativity can flourish. If…More

Chase Fire

Good morning, Let’s go! There is something pulling at me. It is the truth that what I want isn’t what I say I want.  The world wants things. It has preset desires. The world… People, people want things. People want to be safe and secure. People want to be caged animals. They want to be…More

Interest is Key To Connection

Good Morning, let’s get after it. The internet is an evolving medium for information exchange. Twenty years of common usage have changed everything about the world we live in. Web sites and blogs had given voice to the voiceless. Social media had connected us with strangers. The two together have led a bunch of idiots…More