Saturday, Baby!

So, big, big, big, okay, not really that big of news. But cool news. Starting in July, oh, wait, I want to trick you into reading to the end. So, read to the end, to get the big news. So, there I was, thinking. More like, lost in a world of how am I going … Continue reading Saturday, Baby!


Sometimes the thing that blocks us from creating is originality. We get caught thinking that we have to do something completely new. Only to find that nothing is new, but a mixture of two things. Art is generally made up of two or more sources of inspiration. It has no need to be original. Stories … Continue reading Originality

You Can’t Follow

When I was a kid in elementary school, I had the worst attendance. My family lived in California at the time and I was new to the school. I remember sitting in the back of the class and the teacher disregarding my question say something like I was a waste of time. Probably because I … Continue reading You Can’t Follow

Race Against Time

Deadlines, I heard a saying about how a rabbi doesn't use the word. Because it is a negative, instead he used due date. Due date has more to do with giving birth, with life. I like it, I try to use it in my thinking. We generally set things up like they are the end … Continue reading Race Against Time