Be You and Pursue Your Real Goals

Good Morning, Let’s Go. This is going to be a rough post.Be what you are. Be human.Be a person.Believe in yourself.Don’t get distracted by the shiny objects in front of you. In the animated Aladin movie. Aladin goes into the cave of wonders. He is told to touch nothing but the lamp. The cave is…More

Writing- Pantser, Plotting, and NANOWRIMO

Hey, I know it is late. But let’s go anyway. Alright, nanowrimo is National Novel Writing Month. It is a hard work. The word count to hit is 50,000 words. Those words do not exist until they get put down. I as you know am participating in it. Shit is hard work. This is only…More

Nanowrimo 2022, What A Mess

Good morning, let’s go. Well, I decided to commit to writing a book this month. Glad to say I lost good sleep and the sleep I did have was of dread. I dreamt I started and couldn’t get any traction on the story I was trying to write. Funny- but not. So, this morning I…More