Don’t Make Your Life Harder

There are goals most of us have set for the new year. Most of those goals are so radical that we can only live that way for a week. For many reasons it doesn’t fit our lifestyle, personality, or will power capacity. Slow and Fucking Steady That needs to be the mindset. Slow and steady…More

The Worlds We Dwell In Live In Our Minds.

There are many places we live. Most take place in our heads. They are “what if” scenarios. We play them out imagining outcomes. Some take place in our real lives, job interviews, dates, hard conversations. Others in fantasy worlds. Who would win in a fight, The Hulk or Superman? Writing fiction is to make time…More

2023 and Me

Good morning, let’s go. New Year, new you. Not fucking really. Now, what we should say is new year new habits. New year new hope. New year, new beginnings. For most of us it is a new year and that is it. Not for me. Not for us. There are things that are different in…More