The Warrior or The Healer?

Good Morning, let’s go. In today’s modern culture, we have shit wrong. We imagine the guy who can lift heavy weights, beat someone up, or do something athletic is a great hero. But the truth is they don’t play the most important role in our societies. They aren’t as needed as teachers, doctors, farmers, and…More

Doom Scrolling And Golf Courses

Good morning, let’s go. With the world imploding because of our abuse of the planet, greed, and ableism. There is a shit ton of bad news. All the fucking time. Not only that we, humanity, act like our bullshit hobbies are more important that reality. We act as if because someone has money, they have…More

Flow, Ego, and Community. Don’t Lose the Narrative of Your Life.

Good morning, lets, get after it. The Mother Fucking Flow. What we want can actually work against our own life’s flow. The reason is what we say we want throws off what we actually want. There are ego desires that replace real desires, wants, needs, and dreams. Ego desires are about being rich and famous,…More