Creating Product

I watched Shark Tank for the first time yesterday. It was interesting. Now, there are two things that made me think. The first was who is their target market? The second was, who is their target market? Some how it is embedded in my head, that knowing who your customer is, is more important than … Continue reading Creating Product

Brand Simplicity

Our world is flooded with people and each their own brand. On top of that, there are businesses and each business wants to be a big brand. Then you have freelancers, solopreneurs, artist, podcasters, comedians, singers, writers, and the list goes on; oh and bloggers. Every person is a brand, like it or not. We … Continue reading Brand Simplicity

Art is a Business

I am going to keep this short. If you are a writer, you create a product.If you are a painter, you create a product.If you draw, you create a product.If you make videos, you create a product.If you make things, you create a product. If you are not making a living from your art, you … Continue reading Art is a Business

The Double Life

Yesterday was a tiptoe into what I will dive into; business. But I want to clear something up, I am no business success. I am not the original source for what I think about business. What I know isn't hard fought experience, or getting up after every failure to start another company. (What I just … Continue reading The Double Life