Weekends Off

This morning I wrote a post I am really proud of. If you are struggling to find your tribe it will help you. I think that is the hardest part of being creative, especially when you are starting out. So, take some time to read it. Now, to the post heading. I will not be … Continue reading Weekends Off

Under Attack

The funny thing about being a kid and listening to R-rated stand up comedians is you don't get offended easily. The same thing when you watch a lot of R-rated comedies, you might not understand the depth of the subject but you get the tone. What you don't understand or at least I didn't, is … Continue reading Under Attack

Make Your Art

There are a lot of ways people use the word art. Some people refer to everything like it is an art. That used to get under my skin. It used to annoy me because it confused the language, not everything was an art to me, and everyone wasn't an artist. Over time I changed my … Continue reading Make Your Art

Creating is Best Done

Freedom comes with letting go of perfection. Have you ever wanted to try something, then in your head, before you started it became bigger. It became more than just a simple project, it became a million dollar empire, and because you wanted the perfect start you never actually started. That is where I live. The … Continue reading Creating is Best Done