Good Morning, Let’s Own The Rest Of The Year

Good Morning, Let’s Go. This is the last morning post for me. Starting next week the posts will be published Monday through Friday. Because I will be writing the posts Saturday and Sunday. I need that writing time for other projects. I don’t know what kind of changes will happen. I don’t know how this…More

Bring The Light

Good morning, let’s go. You have to celebrate your life. Don’t fucking wait until a funeral happens for you. It is too fucking late by then. You understand you won’t enjoy it. You will be dead. That is why you have to throw your own fucking birthday party. If you want people to party with…More

Vaya Con Dios

The fucking hiatus of writing, was not worth the unproductive idea, of doing things right. Every time I stop writing it seems I want to do better, but then I just stop. Bad writing, poor SEO writing, fast poorly punctuated writing, and random writing is better than no writing. That is because I am a…More