The Fear Of Attention

Let’s cut the bullshit. You are a social fucking animal. You care what the tribe thinks of you, you care what the family unit thinks of you, and you care what that fucker a million miles away on the internet thinks of you because we were born to connect to each other- it fucking sucks.…More

A Look Into My Morning Writing Routine

What does a typical morning look like when I write a blog post? Well, I work at 6:30am So I get up at 4am. Unlike a sane person I do this to be ready for the day. I do it so I am not waking up at work. I do it so I can enjoy…More

If You Aren’t Entertained, Why Would Your Readers Be?

Nobody wants to read your shit. Not only is it the title of a good book by Steven Pressfield, but it is a good axiom; nobody wants to read your shit. So, why fucking bother writing? Because you are demon possessed, masochist who needs to put your thoughts out into the world and it is…More