Goals Give Us Power

Good Morning, Let’s go! The world we live in is hard. We don’t know what is going to happen. We don’t know when tragedy will strike. We aren’t in control of what other people do. When this happens, we feel powerless. We lose direction and self-belief. There is more than just achievement that happens when…More

Life Changes Without Your Permission

Good morning, let’s get it. Have you ever been fired? How about get a new boss?What about getting into a car accident?Ever lose your keys and wind up late for work?Oh, the powers that be hire a complete asshole who ruins the work environment for everyone?Maybe, gas prices got you driving further on less than…More

Go F’n Wild

Good morning, let’s get it. Most of us have a fucking wild dream we want to pursue. Some of us, me, have stupid fun ideas we want to pursue. And the reality is if it is legal and doesn’t harm anyone, no one is stopping us. It might be a Wednesday to you, but that…More