The Gospel

Good morning, let’s go. The Gospel, the good news, what the Christian faith is built on is dying. A message of salvation based on forgiveness and mercy has been pushed down and shut up. A message of hate and intolerance has been pursued by bigots and people seeking power. They stole the Christian faith along…More

Pro Choice

Good evening, let’s jump in. I wrote the below post for my personal Facebook page. I believe it is important to share here. Today we see the importance of having clear laws made by congress. Our freedom should have been made law and not pushed off to judges. Our rights shouldn’t be overturned by nine…More

I Really Hope You Have a Good Day

Good morning, let’s go. Enjoy the shit out of your day. Really, even if your job sucks, you feel stuck, you have the chance right now to take control of your emotional well-being. Choose to have fun. Choose to see life as a moment by moment game. The point of games is to have fun.…More