The First Friday The 13th of The Year

Today is the first day of the year to choose what you believe. It is the first Friday the 13th and for some it is a bad luck day. Here is the thing you can choose to see bad omens and the negative side to everything. If you do, everyday is a bad luck day.…More

Faith Shouldn’t Be Forced

Good Morning, Let’s Go! This is a long one: Be careful who you read and listen to. Be careful who you give your attention to. Be careful with your mind, it is an easily manipulated place. If you read a book, it changes the physical aspect to your brain, the same thing goes with watching…More

Mindset, Affirmations, and Getting Past Some BullSh*t

Good Morning, Let’s Go! We got work.I know, it’s Friday. We are tired, it’s been a long week. Next week in the U.S. it is Thanksgiving, like the U.S. it has a whitewashed past. But the nice thing about American consumerism, it means time with family, friends, and football. We don’t have to take it…More