The Cost of Opportunities

Good morning, let’s go. You have a kick-ass day. I am serious. Enjoy your day, have fun. Do something that echoes into the future that will make your life better. Get your blood running. Feel alive. Take deep breaths in and out. Reassure yourself no matter what happens you will make your way. Life isContinue reading “The Cost of Opportunities”

Process and Getting Shit Done

Good morning, let’s go. We all start a journey of life as a prebuilt character. Our height, our skin color, our, facial features, our abilities, our hair type and color, all that with a set of genetic instructions passed down from the beginning of human life on earth. And let’s be honest that shit isn’tContinue reading “Process and Getting Shit Done”

Being Responsible Can Change The World

Good morning, let’s get it! The world is yours, treat it well. Your body is yours, treat it well. Your family is yours, treat it well. Your mind is yours, treat it well.Your community is yours, treat it well.Your soul is yours, treat it well.Your friends are yours, treat them well. Taking responsibility for everythingContinue reading “Being Responsible Can Change The World”