Pro Choice

Good evening, let’s jump in. I wrote the below post for my personal Facebook page. I believe it is important to share here. Today we see the importance of having clear laws made by congress. Our freedom should have been made law and not pushed off to judges. Our rights shouldn’t be overturned by nine…More

Information Age and Consumer Habits Are Not For Thinkers

Good Morning, let’s go. Not everyone thinks. They may have initial thoughts, reactions, or insight, but that is as far as it goes. Most people do not stop to think. They read headlines of an article assume it is true. Shit, they read the headline and believe they read the article. Their understanding of what…More

A Diverse Life

If you can stop one moment to appreciate your life. If you could slow down and take this moment to look around, you could feel alive. All you have to do is stop. Stop thinking. Stop doing. Stop working. Stop trying to figure things out and just be. Being is the apex of human living.…More