Blogging Because It’s What I do

Hey, my dear reader’s. I have a change coming to the blog. Nothing earth shattering. But as for me the writer it feels big. Big enough to announce. If you didn’t know I wake up, write on the fly. Whatever idea comes to mind or has been on my mind comes to the screen. ReallyContinue reading “Blogging Because It’s What I do”

Creative F’n Problem Solver

Good morning, let’s go. There is a difference between What you think and what you imagine.What you think is limited to what is. What you imagine goes from what could be to dreaming up the impossible. What you think is judgement, it is looking at what is and making sense of it. These two motherContinue reading “Creative F’n Problem Solver”

The Freedom To Be Authentic

Good Morning, let’s dive in. The world, all the systems in the world, from work to religion has a hierarchy. The higher you climb the less human you become. The higher you climb, the more people care about what you do. The more they care, the more you have to care what they think. WhatContinue reading “The Freedom To Be Authentic”