Dreams That Haunt Us

Good Morning, let’s do this. There are creative dreams that never leave us. When someone else does something like it our hearts leap. When we think about doing it, we feel the excitement. When we give in to our deep urges we get a bitter joy. The bitterness is because we should have never stopped…More

Blogging Because It’s What I do

Hey, my dear reader’s. I have a change coming to the blog. Nothing earth shattering. But as for me the writer it feels big. Big enough to announce. If you didn’t know I wake up, write on the fly. Whatever idea comes to mind or has been on my mind comes to the screen. Really…More

Don’t Get Stuck, Write Your Own Life Story

Good morning, let’s get it. What do you do when it is time to turn the page in life? Do you keep your finger on the last page you read? Do you have a finger holding on to a place thirteen pages ago? Do you forget everything that came before the new page? Are you…More