Be More

There is an old saying that you cannot chase two rabbits. It is a good one, right. But in the creative life you can go after more than one rabbit. You can be a singer and watercolorist. You can be a writer and illustrator. You can play an instrument and write a serious novel. You … Continue reading Be More


Sometimes the thing that blocks us from creating is originality. We get caught thinking that we have to do something completely new. Only to find that nothing is new, but a mixture of two things. Art is generally made up of two or more sources of inspiration. It has no need to be original. Stories … Continue reading Originality

Do It Your Way

You don't have to follow anyone's preordained path to do creative work. In fact their way might just shut you down creatively and you might feel blocked. And if you do the worst part about a block is we question ourselves instead of the process we are using. The reason is creativity isn't a copy … Continue reading Do It Your Way

Art is a Business

I am going to keep this short. If you are a writer, you create a product.If you are a painter, you create a product.If you draw, you create a product.If you make videos, you create a product.If you make things, you create a product. If you are not making a living from your art, you … Continue reading Art is a Business