The Game

What is the game? Life is the game. Our work, our passion, our friendships and families.

How do we win? The goal is to die with more memories than dreams.

Who are the players? Everyone has their part to play, with their own skills and abilities combined with their experience. Each from their perspective is the star and in reality, have a supporting role in each other’s game. It is not a competition, but a collaboration.

What is the purpose of the game?  To add more value to this generation and the ones that follow it.

Principles of the Game

Principle one: There are no rules to being you.
Principle two: Action is the foundation of all success.
Principle three: Change is the only constant.
Principle four: Effort is the only thing you can control.
Principle five: You can wander forever or set an intention.
Principle six: We may experience defeat, but must never be defeated.    (If you lose at one game, you can still play another.  Sometimes it may have to be a different game for a different prize, but as long as you’re alive you can still play.)