Happy Holidays, Stay for Another Year

Hey, I just want you to know, life is better than you think. Keep your head up. I know the struggle of life is fucking hard and lonely at times. I know the feeling of being alone can make you sad; even if you are surrounded by people. I know it makes you feel like…More

Shit Will Change, Don’t Step In It

A quick post, not because you need it, because I have five sitting in my drafts that aren’t ready. I need to just hit publish once this week. The post I am working on are down to earth practical shit. That is where my head is at. There is raging at the political machine, there…More

If You Aren’t Entertained, Why Would Your Readers Be?

Nobody wants to read your shit. Not only is it the title of a good book by Steven Pressfield, but it is a good axiom; nobody wants to read your shit. So, why fucking bother writing? Because you are demon possessed, masochist who needs to put your thoughts out into the world and it is…More