The Warrior or The Healer?

Good Morning, let’s go.

In today’s modern culture, we have shit wrong.

We imagine the guy who can lift heavy weights, beat someone up, or do something athletic is a great hero.
But the truth is they don’t play the most important role in our societies.
They aren’t as needed as teachers, doctors, farmers, and grocers.
Work that isn’t romanticized but necessary- the work that actually helps the world go around.
Farmers are needed more than fighters.
Teachers more than police.
Public servants more than lobbyists.
Transparency more than closed door meetings and politicians getting wealthy because of their position.

We need people who are willing to be pillars in our society. We need people who are willing to find their purpose in lifting society. We need people who love their neighbors. People who believe in doing good for the poor, the outcasts, those left behind in our societies. People who actually make the world a better place.

We need patrons not would be self-serving warriors.
We don’t need fake cowboys, acting like guns are a solution to any real modern problem.
Our modern value needs to change. We need to prize that which is helpful over that which is selfish and chest beating.
Yes, we need people who will stand up to bad guys- we need police. We also need moral police who understand their role isn’t to punish, but protect and serve- citizens first. They need a better understanding of the laws they enforce, they need mental health services, they need empathy training. They carry the power to ruin lives without consequence. Yes, we need police because there are real villains out there. We need police to enforce fair and just laws.

We need to realize long term care of each other is essential for peace. Helping each other doesn’t take away from one’s purpose or dreams. We need to free each other from a scarcity mindset, an us vs them mindset, from the have and have nots. We all need to have in order to grow, and we all need to give in order to grow. We- every mother-fucker on this planet belongs to each other. We are connected from way back.

A warrior doesn’t connect people. A warrior doesn’t build things. A warrior doesn’t farm. A warrior doesn’t teach children to read. A warrior focuses mind and body on beating other men- their value runs out when they can no longer fight. A healer is one who cares for the long haul. Who dedicates her life to the protection of others. She is stronger in the face of adversity. A healer will always be needed, but a warrior is a sad part of humanity that we haven’t outgrown.

Don’t get me wrong, I love fighting, I love action movies, I love the idea of the warrior. But in reality- people with this mindset- they don’t build better societies. They don’t know how to live in peace.

Later Gator

Unconditional Love

Good morning, let’s get it.

There are people who will love you no matter what.
You might not be surrounded by them or even think it is possible, but it it true.
This kind of love happens in-person.
It is not because you are so cool, it isn’t because you are great, it is because you are you.
Unconditional love is rarer than it should be.
The human ability to love is damn near infinite.
Yet we are taught to withhold it.
To guard our heart, that we are only able to love one person, or that love is different for different relationship types.
But love, our primal feeling of care, a desire to be close to someone, our connection with them- that doesn’t know relationship boundaries.
Friendships are different than lovers because of intimacy- not because the heart says I love this person less.
When your best friend dies, you will lose your breath- you will feel the pain as if a part of you was torn out.
Just as if your lover had died- the heart will be crushed.
Love isn’t based on our social constructs of relationships.
I love my friends.
There are only a few people I love unconditionally- that I cannot help but do.

Your value in life is more than the productivity you aspire to.
If I were in the jungle and my best friend couldn’t walk and I couldn’t care him out- then we are both living in the jungle until we die.
Love isn’t based on what you can do for others, but the connection you have with them.

Go about your day- but remember, someone is in mourning, even decades after a loved one’s death. When you make a close relationship, you carry a part of their heart with you.

You don’t know how special you are to someone, even if you don’t talk every day.

Take care of yourself.

Later Gator 🐊

Success Isn’t Based On Yourself Perception

Good Morning, Let’s go.

There is always a pressure that things need to be done now. If not done, then we will miss out. Or that we will be too old and we will miss out chance at doing what we love. We feel a time pressure- the world is caving in around us. We are trying to squeeze in enough time to do something, that we think is meaningful. But failure is at our door. We know our insecurities, our limitations, our weaknesses. For most of us that haunts us, holds us back, and hurts any chance we have of going for our dreams. Our deepest feelings of inadequacy are plain to us, but no one else really sees. Meanwhile, there are others who lack more than we and they press on with no concern about their faults.

My dear friend, I have yet to meet a person who has all their shit together. I have met pretty packaged people, I have met good looking people, I have met people who others envy and seen behind the veil. They are flawed, they have faults, they have mis-beliefs that fuck up their chances to be happy. People are people and we are no different. What most successful people have is the ability to get out of their own way. They take action, even if they are not perfect. They ask for the sale, the promotion, the date- even if they aren’t a perfect fit. They keep going even if others think they suck. Why? Because they don’t want to miss an opportunity.

We think it is our flaws holding us back. But in reality it is our a view. We are looking in a mirror instead of out the window. Our attention is on our negatives instead of the positive we want. We don’t look for and go for opportunities. We are stuck because we think we need to have our shit together before we can do something. Success isn’t based on what we think of ourselves, but thinking of ourselves less and think of opportunities more. Life, real life is a multi-player, interactive game, even if you don’t look cool you can still play.

Later Gator 🐊