No One Is Perfect

Perfection is a silly thing that shouldn’t be applied to humans. Somehow we convince ourselves that we can be or that certain people are. It is a silly notion because it doesn’t exist. We are all flawed and to that we are wired to be different. The human default system isn’t programmable, there is no one size fits all personality. The “suits” was a derogatory term for men who gave up their personality to fit the company standard. I’m thinking early IBM, FBI, and the Matrixs. A man would just be a corporate cog. All to fit a false standard of perfection in business. Perfection is a myth- imagine the perfect person. Now imagine hanging out with them. Yeah, it doesn’t work. It is our imperfections that bind us together and make us loveable. As stupid as that is, it is simply true. Yet, we peddle ideas that we should become the best version of ourselves. For years, I let that thought float around in my head, what the fuck is the best version of me? I didn’t think to myself, it is a bullshit assumption and there isn’t a better version of me. No, I embraced the thought like a reason for my failures. I didn’t achieve, succeed or thrive because I am not the best version of myself. I need to change. After all, those suits did it, they succeeded. I was the problem.

Religion is based on you not being enough. The same goes for the self-help industry. The hook, the pull is you become good enough to be accepted, or for you to be good enough that you can go after your dreams. The acknowledgment that you are shit, is the first step in convincing you that they have a general solution to your specific problem, which is you being you. Sinner, broken, and poor in some kind of way. The leaders of these groups seem polished, perfect, and living their best life now. And if you follow them, buy their books, attend their church, and devote yourself to their way of life, you too can be perfect. Perfectly full of shit.

“Have No fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”

Salvador Dali

For a long time I thought, oh, the best version of ourselves is the most loving version. And for a long time that worked for me. Because I couldn’t imagine a happy perfect version of myself. So I would just try to be loving, and suggested other people be loving. To me a loving person checked off the boxes of what perfect could be. But I was missing something. I was missing what actually made people successful, something that made a person them. Being loving makes you a better person for sure, with loving comes understanding and a better life, but it doesn’t move your goals forward. But to be outgoing. Mind fucking blown. The best version of yourself is loving and outgoing. It is a version of you that loves themselves, others, life, and is outgoing; willing to meet new people, try new things, put their ideas out there and stick up for them. Now these two characteristics won’t make you perfect, but in my opinion it makes you the best version of yourself. The reason being is you don’t have to change who you are, not a perfect you, but a you that others want to be around and actually participates in life.

That is it for now, have a great weekend.

Thoughts on America’s Bad Day

January 6th

911 was an attack on America that change the way we lived and thought about our safety forever. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I didn’t watch TV when Columbine went down. But it left a scar and unfortunately changed the American school system as the attacks didn’t stop with that one. Since then we have had domestic terrorists kill many Americans in large numbers in churches, at concerts, and in movie theaters. It has become a part of our cultural experience. The media dismissed them as lone gunmen, mentally unstable, and acting alone. I had many conversations with work colleagues about the protests and riots after police killed unarmed black men. Their ideology lined up with a mainstream conservative view and they would say “I can’t wait:” or “I wish we would:” with a blood lust and malicious view in their mind continue, “have a civil war.” I would counter with “You mean you want to commit genocide. I am on the left, I have no intentions of going to war with you. Would you pull me and my family out in the streets and murder everyone you don’t agree with? Because without one side fighting, you want to do what the Nazi’s did and kill those you don’t agree with or like, that’s not a civil war” After Trump lost the election, they did what democrats did, they cried. But they also cried and claimed it was stolen. Without proof they claimed it was rigged. Without evidence they believed the lie. The fuck your feelings people based on their feelings that Trump should have won, decided the election was stolen. And like that their talk of civil war increased, and January 6th insurrection day, they were hoping a coup d’etat would take place and they would install Trump as President. They failed and on this first anniversary of a direct assault on American democracy from within I could not let it go.


Conservatives claim their freedoms are being taken away. This has happened before the pandemic, and when asked what freedom, all they could come up with is the freedom to abuse others. “I can’t say f*ggot anymore. I can’t say N*gger anymore. I can’t say you’re in America speak fucking English, anymore. I can’t tell black jokes, I can’t tell gay jokes, I can’t grab women’s asses I think’s hot. I can’t get my dick sucked by my coworker for a promotion without being called out for it. I can’t treat people like shit or property anymore, fuck I wish it were the good old days. I can believe I have to share a restaurant with Hispanic people or worse, Arabs, why can’t they learn the fucking language” *Sorry for the language I just want to drive home the point that hateful people think this way* These people have found a voice on twitter, Facebook, and the dark corners of the internet- because of that they have found ways to connect and feel as if their prejudice deserves the room for grievance. They dismiss the truth of others struggle and their own advantages. They downplay the harm they cause when they force their will on others. They act coldly and calculatedly to minimize the plight of minority groups and yet feel justified to complain that an inconvenience for them is really an injustice. It is this mindset, that lets the right wing talking heads and mouthpieces to convince them that those on the left are their enemies. That somehow their freedom is being infringed upon. You see, freedom is the freedom to walk down the street without being in fear. True freedom is to not be afraid of a government officer stopping you based on the color of your skin. True freedom is not being afraid of your neighbors because they threaten to kill you because you moved in and you’re not white. True freedom is being able to be yourself, and if you believe you’re a woman, to not be harassed by those who don’t agree with you. True freedom is being able to practice what religion you want based on your own conscience. True freedom is being able to marry the person you love. True freedom is being able to express your views without repercussions from the government or its officials. True freedom is getting an equal and fair treatment from those you do business with. True freedom is the government working for the good of all. None of those things have been taken or infringed upon for conservatives.

America My Home

My pride in America is like the pride a Father has for his son, yes, even the son that fucked up. Every day we are striving to be better, there are rich and poor people who take advantage and put themselves in the place to be at an advantage because of our freedoms, but over all we work well together. Overall everyday Americans are working to better their lives and in that we all can rise. Yes, there are shitty corporate heads and owners, who have treated Americans like property and have disadvantaged us all because their refusal to raise wages and instead hoarded wealth to themselves, but I digress. We as Americans have something worth striving for. We have our ideals of freedom. We could definitely work on our education, cuz some of us are as dumb and gullible as Pinocchio trusting those fucking cats. But over all conservative and liberal alike I do believe we want freedom, I do believe we want a peaceful society, I do believe we want prosperity and justice for all. I just don’t see us getting there with the current “culture war” culture isn’t to be forced, it is to be won through appeal and lifestyle choices, not legislation and force. A democracy is the majority wins. I love America, we are a shitty Great Nation a mixed bag of Assholes and free lovin’ crazies. I don’t pretend we have a God send, we are humans trying to live together the best we can and to keep life going as safe, free, and enjoyable as possible.

I’m ending here. Things will get better- even if they get worse first.

I know this is not part of the normal posting thing, but I wanted to get this off my chest.

A Look Ahead at 2022

The new year is like a blank book with 365 pages for you to write.


As we soon approach the end of most people’s resolve to change, endure, and actually stick to their New Year’s resolutions, I say Amen. Most people don’t want to change. They don’t want to endure a hard diet. They don’t want to go to the gym, shit there are days I don’t want to go and it is in my garage. I don’t blame them. Sometimes self development is bullshit. Sometimes though it is necessary. You see, the goals and ambitions we have, they will be met with two struggles, the internal and the external. Those two things are what we normally fail to calculate when pursuing a dream. I am no stranger to this myself. I have failed at things I thought I wanted and realized the only thing that held me back was an internal lack of interest in the goal. I would quit before it got hard. And that is okay. There is no point in accomplishing a goal if it doesn’t matter to you deep down. But if it does, then you have to eat shit. You will have to figure it out. It is up to you, to mentally get your shit together and put in the work.

But you’re not alone. This Fucking Year, I am dedicating all my shit to motivational, inspirational humor. A cheeky, flippant, self amusing kind of humor. The thing is I am a huge consumer of all the self-help, woo-woo, you are a badass mindset kind of books. Because of that I know people like me have an insatiable appetite for those kinds of books, blogs, and social media shit. The health, wealth, and self-help industry is full of people trying to make money off others by blowing smoke up their ass. If you don’t mind, I would like to join them, without having to blow smoke up your ass. I have no intentions of trying to monetize shit this year. Next year- I could only hope. But this year I just want to have fun, I want to write, pursue fame, I want to prepare my life to really go after 2023!

Sorry, but it is time for me to get.

Later gator,


Shit, before I go, let’s make this year, more memorable and add more life to our days. Hopefully I can inspire you to be the most outgoing version of yourself.