The Competition Isn’t Trying

Good Morning, let’s talk. When we look at others and we can instinctively see competition. We don’t see what kind of competition others may be. Let’s imagine ten thousand people want the same job as you. Ten thousand is a huge number. It is a lot of people it isn’t everyone, but enough, if it…More

The To Don’t List

Good morning, let’s dive in. I don’t know when I first heard of a Don’t List, but when I heard it, it made sense to me. Like a To Do List a Don’t List is about action. The difference between the two is a Don’t List helps clarify what you are doing with your time,…More

NO Pain, No Gain

Good Morning, let’s get to it. Fast food is the three inch goat thorn in our health care heel. I love it. I also have the appetite of a fat kid. Don’t worry I also have the body dysmorphia to go with it. Good times. What makes fast food a real pain in the ass…More