Fiction and The Use of It

Good morning, let’s go!

The world is full of people you don’t know, but have they have the same basic needs and wants. They have different personalities. They have different desires. They have different circumstances and situations. When these things come together over time we get the world we live in now.

The joy of reading and writing fiction is in the creation of people, places, and circumstances that let us explore “What If” scenarios. These mental exercises, have real world applications IF we are brave enough to take advantage of them. If we treat them like they are real, like it is a life we lived. If we treat it like something that happened to us- it gives us a simulated experience that our brains can learn and grow from.

The simple reason is we are all main characters, minor characters, background fillers, from world leaders to beggars- in someone else’s life we have a role. Some of us are the bagger at the grocery store, some the villain who buys all the available housing in a neighborhood for their own personal gain. Some of us are on a journey to lead a team, and others are in a comedy of fools trying to get rich off pyramid schemes. Some are greedy politicians and others activists fighting to gain freedoms and rights.

I ended my NaNoWriMo challenge way early.

The story was stalling, and I was forcing too much. The story needed the Why’s of what is going on. I understand NaNoWriMo is pushing through so you have something to edit. And I could have continued to force the story along. Shit was action/plot driven. The Character development was nonexistent, and I had to make up Why’s along the way. Which would be fine if I also didn’t have a word count to hit and a mental clock ticking. I chose to end the challenge. The simple reason is I needed the mental space- adding the unnecessary stress in my already stressed life wasn’t helping.
Writing to finish a book you love, writing to get published, writing because you are pursuing a dream to be an author, isn’t the same as pushing yourself to work at someone else’s creative pace.
It isn’t the same as grinding through because the story you are writing is consuming you until it is done.
It isn’t the same as a compulsion to put thoughts down, to tell stories, to express in writing.
IT is helpful to kick the shit out of writer’s block and make yourself put words down. It proves that you can write no matter how you feel. It is proof that your creativity isn’t based on your feelings. It is something you can conjure up at will. Yes, there are mental blocks that come out of fear, and tension, but those can be overcome with self talk and willpower.

Creating or consuming fiction is a work of imagination. It is a suspension of our reality and the entering another dimension. The added benefit is a reprieve from this world.
The more people who read and share a work of fiction- the more it lives. The more it lives, the more we use it to make references in real life. The more it interacts with culture and creates new memes.

Anyway, fiction work is hard work- it takes effort and thoughtfulness. It can fall apart or take flight. No matter what it is worth the effort.

Later Gator 🐊

Believe What You Will

Good morning, let’s go.

Create your own superstitions about life.

The preachers, the teachers, the philosophers only have authority because people believe them. Some of them say and believe outlandish things. They speak with authority because they have self-belief. They know how to say what you like. They know how to imagine an enemy at the gates. They know that reassurance doesn’t need to be backed up if they say “Everything happens for a reason” You have the same power they do. You are your primary Preacher, Teacher, and Philosopher. You have the power to think and reason, to imagine and project, to believe and act.

When you believe it

Creating your own superstition is as simple as believing your lucky. It is as confidence building as believing you are one with everyone, and have no fear. It is as rewarding as believing no matter what happens or how bad things may seem, it will turn out for your good. It is believing that doing good is not only good for you and selfless, but good for your future self, with some kind of future benefit or reward.

Action follows belief

To do is based on what you believe. If you believe working hard equals success, you will work hard. That doesn’t mean you will be successful. But if you believe taking every opportunity you can will make you successful, you are probably on the right track. If you believe- then you will act. If you believe staying still is death, then you will move. If you believe diet and exercise are key to being happy and fit, then you will diet and exercise. If you believe you are incapable of dieting and exercise, you will act to prove- even inaction is a form of action. If you believe saving is important, then you will save. BELIEVE in yourself and you will do things that you haven’t done before.

To believe is human, to choose our beliefs is divine.

Nino Olson

Don’t let anyone fool you, we choose our beliefs. They spend a lot of time pushing them into our heads, so we believe what they think is right. The choice to believe something is based on willpower.

Later Gator 🐊

P.S. This isn’t pointed at anyone belief system, religion, faith, or group- It is in my opinion true of them all.

Two Kinds of Failing

Good morning, Lets Go.

Failing is hard. Truly failing comes two ways. One is not being able to make something happen after trying, the second is quitting after trying. The trying is what makes failing hard. In order to try you need to put effort in. Yoda’s little Jedi ass was wrong. There is try, when it comes to real shit that is not a Jedi manipulation of the force. The good old college try is some real shit.

When we fail after we try. When we find we are incapable of producing a desired outcome we have choices. We can try again. We can rethink our approach. We can get help. We can give it time. We can practice on easier goals and work up to the challenge. We can do it again the same exact way. We can walk away knowing at least we tried.

When we quit, most of the time we get fucked. Quitting for most people happens when pressure feels too great. When the effort they apply isn’t doing anything. When they see they will not finish the task. When shit is not going their way. When they are disinterested in finishing the task. When the outcome doesn’t matter to them so the effort feels like a waste of time. When someone else puts the challenge before them and they have nothing to prove. When there are too many things going on and some things gotta give. Then they quit, they only get fucked because it teaches the mind it is okay to quit when things get hard. Quitting rewards the brain with rest. The rest that generally comes with accomplishment.

I don’t give two shits. I will quit for two reasons. The first is value, if the effort will not produce a greater value or pleasure in the end; then I will fucking quit. The second is the realization that I am pursuing the wrong goals. The wrong goals for me generally are my ego based goals and desires. They are based on visions of greatness that have no place in reality. These dreams, illusions, fantasies die when the journey begins. Reality steps in and we face it and learn we must quit, because the journey is folly. At least that is how it goes for me. Fucking dreamer.

The first kind of failing, is like running for office. After the election, you learn if you won or lost. The second, is ending the effort yourself; shame, disappointment, and responsibility is all on you. Neither are the end of the fucking world.

Win, lose, or fail; here is what matters most, learning. As long as you are alive you can grow from any experience. You can pivot, you can adjust, and you can change direction.
Some people get so stuck on an idea of who they are or who they should be, they waste time running in the mud just to get eaten by gators.
We have a core, we have a base- building on the unique person we are, we can make a life we don’t want to quit on. Building on the person we are when challenges arise, they are actually exciting and we push to meet them. We know they bring growth. We know that growth will give us a greater experience of being alive. The value of accomplishment is worth the effort.

Go after what you truly want.

Later Gator 🐊