Take Control of Your Life and Problems

The illusion of being limited only shatters when you take action to become free. Life feels like a prison for most people. They are trapped in their day to day. They don’t see the out. They don’t see themselves on a journey, but a treadmill. Their minds are locked into doing the same thing they…More

Moving From Ego to Life

Letting go of your ego is facing death. Really, it is. Our egos are concerned with survival. They want to leave a legacy, they want to be renown, they need us to be elevated, because that is the only way we know how to live past our deaths for certain. Legacy is how we know…More

Disappointment, Expectations, and Reality Checks

Disappointment has many faces. Sometimes it turns into ambition. Sometimes it turns into depression. Disappointment doesn’t appear out of nowhere. It comes from the pain of expectation. Oh, and expectation is such a harsh enemy. The reason it is our enemy is because we need it to survive. It is a natural part of our…More