Effort and Life

Good Morning, Let’s go.

Effort is the only thing you have control of. That is a great thought, but the truth is the Almighty made each of us different. Each of us has a fluctuating capacity to do things. Not only does our ability to act and react fluctuate, it is also limited. The older we get, the more we learn these limits. For some of us, the older we get, the more limited we allow ourselves to become. We all have a prime and to be clear most of us waste it. But that is for another time. We all have a certain amount of control over our efforts. That amount of control even if small is still powerful.

In fitness, finance, and faith the more effort you put the greater capacity you will gain. When you workout your body adapts- it gets better to the situation and does what it needs to get better. If you are feeding it and giving it rest that is. When it comes to your finances, you cannot ignore what you do for a living. When you increase your capacity to earn money, through skill or investment you gain more leverage for better investments. If you take risks, if you walk in faith, the more you do it the greater your faith becomes. Faith even when things don’t turn out, builds on based how many times you land on your feet. Failing in faith still builds more faith if you believe it was for the best. And every time it works out you will see the hand of the Almighty setting you up to win. In each of these categories the ore effort you put in, the greater return you will have.

Knowing yourself is key to building your ability. Knowing how much effort you can put into a project before it will wipe you out matters. Knowing how much mental effort you can put into your financial life is a big deal. If you have a low capacity right now, it might overwhelm you. Slowly chipping away at it and getting better at saving, investing, and building a fine IQ takes time and effort. Once you do most of the fear will subside. Our minds and body react to the stress we put ourselves under. We have to literally move to work out a lot of that stress. Some of us need to sleep, give our minds and bodies a break. There are plenty of us that need to put effort into our nutrition and be mindful of how foods make us feel. All of this shit takes faith. Faith that if we work on and in our lives, we can make them better.

All creative endeavors are powered by effort of someone wanting to see something exist in the world. They have to make it happen. Your life can be an artistic story of overcoming and making shit happen in the world. I only ask that when you do it is of service to making the world a better place. In other words, don’t be greedy.

Later Gator 🐊


Imperfection Is A Gift

Good Morning, Let’s jump in.

We all have to face the fact that we won’t be the best at everything. I know, in our minds, there is someone who is. You know the old saying, “No one is perfect” In my opinion everyone is blessed with imperfections. This gives us all two things, the first gives us relatability, the second is gives us empathy.


Unless you see your imperfection as a weakness. If you see imperfections as weaknesses, you might hide them, deny them, or work on them as if you can overcome them. Some weaknesses when worked on become just sub par of an average person’s best. Some weaknesses when denied, cuts us off from other people really seeing us. Some weaknesses when hidden become a fatal flaw, because we never learn to accept them and who we are; imperfect beings, winging it, and doing the best we can.

Imperfections seen for what they are become strengths. They become communication and connection points with others. They allow us to relate to anyone knowing they are imperfect too. Some imperfections can be worked on but most must be worked with. Our imperfections don’t make us less than. Our imperfections make us who we are. They make us beautiful. They demand from us creativity.

In a world that pretends to adore perfection, if you look closer you will see WE truly value imperfect people. Which means we value you.

Later Gator 🐊


Starting Over is Okay

Good Morning, Lets jump in.

There are a lot of Mondays left in the year. A lot of chances to start over, start small. We are also getting to another endpoint, or should I say another new beginning in 2022. We will have finished one third of the year. So starting in May we will have two, four month periods to live in. Two new beginnings? And the only reason we will do that is so you have another chance to start over mentally.

The world doesn’t care if TODAY is your big day. If today is the day you start over. Your brain cares. If it can start from scratch than let it. Don’t give yourself shit for starting over for the millionth time. Congratulate yourself for not taking the L. For not just quitting, giving up, and saying “I tried” No, not you. You are back in it. The prize for you is too personal, it is too much to let go. The prize for you is who you will become when you achieve it. Reassure yourself it is okay. Build a mindset of encouraging yourself for doing something.

Most of our goals have to do with who we want to be. Our goals require us to level up in life and as a person. If you want to lose weight, get in shape, or add muscle that is all about a person who put in the work to have those things. It is a life style and mentally. The same thing goes for certain careers and financial matters. Starting over and creating new metrics based on feedback from the last failure is a great way to grow and adapt.

For most of us growing into the person we want to be is everything skipped in the movies. It is the boring part they make into a musical montage of the work. In reality, this shit isn’t glamorous, it is fucking boring and hard. That is why most people quit. The mind numbing pain of boredom of repetition. The brutal reality that there’s no instant results. Most of our goals are a marathon distance away from where we are. Becoming a person who lives the life we want is done through trial and error. It is achieved through doing. It is why practice makes perfect.

Becoming is hard. We all fail a lot more around the start than in the middle or at the end. So start as many times as you need to. What you might not know is every new beginning is still getting you there. Eventually you will see what is holding you back from continuing and you will overcome that too.

Later Gator 🐊