Happy Holidays, Stay for Another Year

Hey, I just want you to know, life is better than you think.

Keep your head up. I know the struggle of life is fucking hard and lonely at times. I know the feeling of being alone can make you sad; even if you are surrounded by people. I know it makes you feel like living isn’t worth it. I know life gets harder around the holidays. I know it makes you analyze your life. I know what it is like to wish to be normal. I know what it is like to not be okay, but to pretend to be okay. I know what it is like to feel the burden of falling short. I know in our heads, we go through this alone.

You were born into this world weak. You were born fragile and in need of love; the kind of love that gives up everything to make sure you survive. The kind of love that nourishes and protects you. The kind of love that teaches you how to be. The kind of love that teaches you to walk, talk, and live. You were born dependent, we all are. Even though in our heads, we feel alone.

We instinctively learn to depend on others for life. If we lived in the wild we would depend on each other for everything, our belonging to the tribe equaled life. In those times we knew we weren’t alone. To be real, having a community of people matters. It is not weakness, it is the human strength. I know right now you feel disconnected and alone. But I believe in you and your ability to connect. I believe in you and your ability to thrive. I believe in you and your value. I know you are a beautiful piece to the human puzzle.

I know these words seem vain. I know the inner demon saying, “You don’t know me. You wouldn’t like me if you did. I am a worthless piece of shit and I can’t do this anymore. I can’t see a better future. I can’t see myself being happy.” I understand what it is like to feel and think this way. I understand what it is like to lie to yourself about what is possible because you are in a negative state of mind. Don’t give in to the bullshit. That is right! Don’t believe the negative bullshit. You don’t have to. Believe me instead.

You are loved. You are fun to be around. You make a light in the world that people mirror back to you. People love to laugh with you. People like to get to know you. People love to joke with you and find your company enjoyable. You stand up for yourself and believe you are valuable. You know out there in this big crazy world there are multiple communities for you to belong to. You are interesting and spread a good vibe everywhere you go. You go through life in an easy and relaxed manner because you know everything works out for your good. You care about people and show love. Your love isn’t a weakness, but your strength. It is your shield and sword. You move in the waves of hope. You act in gratitude. You help with no expectations. You dance in the moment, knowing you are free to love. You are free from others expectations because you understand we are all just trying to make it the best we can. You look at those who are not a part of your world with sympathy, you know we are all battling something and the wounds they have that persist have nothing to do with you. You are an angel, with a message of hope.

Life can be hard, you don’t have to be hard on yourself. Life can be scary, you don’t have to live in fear. Life can be challenging, you don’t have to conquer it. Life is going to end on its own, all you have to do is make the best of it. That doesn’t mean you have to live a perfect life, that means you have to be open to enjoying it. Connect with others. Be brave. Be willing to put yourself out there. And if you get rejected, if you don’t fit in, don’t stop trying, because in the end IF YOU KEEP GOING, IF YOU KEEP TRYING you will find your tribe and they will help you enjoy your short time on this earth. They will miss you because they love you more than you know.

In the last couple of years we have all lost more than we thought we could handle. It is not what doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger; it’s what doesn’t kill me gives me another route to connect with others. Human connection in any form is life saving. Be a friend, reach out, because you are probably the closest hand for someone drowning to reach for.

Hope this post helps keep you here another year.

Love, Your Friend, Nino.

Shit Will Change, Don’t Step In It

A quick post, not because you need it, because I have five sitting in my drafts that aren’t ready. I need to just hit publish once this week. The post I am working on are down to earth practical shit. That is where my head is at. There is raging at the political machine, there is some warning about our environmental demise, but more than that there is a future that is coming and most people will not prepare for it.

Imagine with me now a guy who works as a truck driver. A couple of years ago, he hears about self driving trucks; he doesn’t think much. He reads somewhere on the internet they are testing these trucks. Back to his normal life he starts buying a couple of trucks and is looking at a good retirement. GREAT! In a few short years those driverless trucks have been bought by big companies due to trucker shortages and hauling prices. Self driving trucks don’t hurt the driver industry all together, but they show an economic return. They will take over the industry until truck drivers are a thing of the past. That in my opinion is a probability.

That kind of thing will happen in many more industries at varying rates of speed. The writing is on the wall, the shelf life for human labor will one day come to an end. People will need to figure something else out for commerce to work. In a desolate future there is opportunity to make it abundant.

What most people don’t realize, and are not actively working towards is the future that will be. Most people have a fixed idea that the future will be like the past. I live in Utah, growing up it was basically winter from the beginning of November to the end of March. It would dump snow and it would stay snow covered until mid to late April. Nobody in their right minds would expect that to change. It did. Now it snows once or twice for about a week. The rest of the time it is the colder fall type weather. As you can imagine snow blowers and snowmobile sales are no longer huge around here. The future expectation of it always snows is gone.

The expectation of things always being the same is fucking gone. The world our parents grew up in is gone. They could rely on things being the same, we can rely on things changing.

There is a technical shift that is emerging. It is the amalgamation of everything. And it is up to individuals to prepare for the future of work. We need to leave behind what we thought will always happen. Forget what we thought the future was going to be based on experience. We need to create a future knowing we have the autonomy and personal authority to do something new. To be open minded about the change and ride the winds that are currently blowing.

I’ve gotta end, because I am out of time. But think about this.

Solving problems for others is how our economy works. As you look forward new problems will arise, be a solution. Get ahead of the pack by really understanding where technologies are merging and developing faster than society realizes. Every industry and society will see a change; for some it will be detrimental, for others it will be a new level of thriving. In the end the disparities between the two will show who did their homework and who needs a leader. More on that in the future.

If You Aren’t Entertained, Why Would Your Readers Be?

Nobody wants to read your shit. Not only is it the title of a good book by Steven Pressfield, but it is a good axiom; nobody wants to read your shit.

So, why fucking bother writing?

Because you are demon possessed, masochist who needs to put your thoughts out into the world and it is better than bottling it up, maybe?

More than that it is fun and entertaining to write. It is a challenge and if you are good at it you have an opportunity to get better. Same goes, if you suck. Writing is first and foremost for the writer. It is our thoughts put down as best we can to convey to the world what we think. That is how we exercise our demons. To most people writing is work and painful, for us it is a relief to the brain swell and an outlet for conversations not taking place, it’s how we get off. For those reasons I try to entertain my first reader; me.

That brings us to the flaw in the axiom.

There are people who are readers. These MoFos read all the time. They destroy a book a week and some in a day. Now, most people in your life don’t want to read your shit. But there are people out there who do. They are your the second, third and fourth readers; they are the ones who will have the same senses as you. They will laugh at your punchlines and smirk at your smart ass comments. They will nod their heads to your epiphanies and share the thought you had that sparked a chemical fire in their brain. These people will read your shit. That is why you publish what you wrote, you do it for them as much as yourself.


I am sure you have noticed there’s a change of tone in the blog. And nothing that was here is here. The simple reason was, I wasn’t having fun. There was too much seriousness in it for me. I love to poke fun at problems and be what I consider funny while doing it. I like being cheeky. It was my thoughts without the best part of me.

To fix it, I took down the blog and analyzed the reason I write. The reasons for having a blog. Shit, why have a personal website? It took me a couple of months to get to this point of being able to write again. I had to be honest with what kind of writer I am. What kind of work I wanted to put out there. I wanted to put something funny out there that meant something to me. That is what I plan to do. A little humor here, a little inspiration there, and a whole lot of shit to think about all around. I want to write for our entertainment.

If you are here for the ride, then enjoy. Really, I want the best for you and if this blog isn’t your thing, don’t read it. I don’t expect my family to bother… A-holes. Anyway. I hope that fills in the gap of where hundreds posts have gone. No big deal, life is impermanent and so is my work.

With that later Gator.