Prepare to Do Something

Most problems can be solved if we prepare for them.That is the post if you wanted to be quick about it.But the meat of the post is preparing is hard, because it takes planning.Most people treat life like their diet, they plan for the day or the week, anything after that is wild speculation. I…More

The Participation Trophy

I hate hearing people railing against participation trophies. They make the stupidest claims about the generation most of them either raised, were raised in, or are raising. They are blind to the realities of life. You see they believe in winners and losers. That is not the best ways for humans to survive and thrive.…More

Sheep, Goats, and Deeds

Jesus tells a story about a shepherd separating sheep from goats. A parable of the end- a judgement. The basis of the judgement: how they treated the least of these.Those who go to heaven, had helped out their fellow man. They cared for the poor, the immigrants, the sick, those in prison; they didn’t see…More