The End of 2022 and The Fear of The Unknown

Happy New Year! The world isn’t going to change because we start the calendar year over. Most of the time when it changes it is when something dramatic happens. It changes when we move. It changes when we get a new job. It changes when we lose our job. It changes when we commit to…More

Cut It Out

Good morning, let’s go! Changes happen. Most often this time of year. Personally, I am cutting things out this year. I am changing habits and focusing in on what I want and what I want to accomplish. I plan on leading a boring life. I like boring- it is where my creativity can flourish. If…More

Letting Go Can Move You Forward

Good Morning, Let’s Go! We have certain expectations. Things we want to see happen in the world. Some things we just expect to happen and others, we work towards. A majority of these things do not go as expected- not as planned, most of the time we don’t make an actual plan. We are going…More