A Look Ahead at 2022

The new year is like a blank book with 365 pages for you to write.


As we soon approach the end of most people’s resolve to change, endure, and actually stick to their New Year’s resolutions, I say Amen. Most people don’t want to change. They don’t want to endure a hard diet. They don’t want to go to the gym, shit there are days I don’t want to go and it is in my garage. I don’t blame them. Sometimes self development is bullshit. Sometimes though it is necessary. You see, the goals and ambitions we have, they will be met with two struggles, the internal and the external. Those two things are what we normally fail to calculate when pursuing a dream. I am no stranger to this myself. I have failed at things I thought I wanted and realized the only thing that held me back was an internal lack of interest in the goal. I would quit before it got hard. And that is okay. There is no point in accomplishing a goal if it doesn’t matter to you deep down. But if it does, then you have to eat shit. You will have to figure it out. It is up to you, to mentally get your shit together and put in the work.

But you’re not alone. This Fucking Year, I am dedicating all my shit to motivational, inspirational humor. A cheeky, flippant, self amusing kind of humor. The thing is I am a huge consumer of all the self-help, woo-woo, you are a badass mindset kind of books. Because of that I know people like me have an insatiable appetite for those kinds of books, blogs, and social media shit. The health, wealth, and self-help industry is full of people trying to make money off others by blowing smoke up their ass. If you don’t mind, I would like to join them, without having to blow smoke up your ass. I have no intentions of trying to monetize shit this year. Next year- I could only hope. But this year I just want to have fun, I want to write, pursue fame, I want to prepare my life to really go after 2023!

Sorry, but it is time for me to get.

Later gator,


Shit, before I go, let’s make this year, more memorable and add more life to our days. Hopefully I can inspire you to be the most outgoing version of yourself.

Happy New Year 2022

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm”

― Winston Churchill

“Life is a journey, not a destination”


This mother fucking year is ON! Like it or not, time keeps rolling, we are not the center of the universe, the solar system, or the world. We are a blip in existence. Fucking embrace it. If the last two years have taught us anything, it has taught us life is short and death isn’t waiting for you to get your shit together. I want you to really consider this, “everyone is winging it.” Those at the top don’t know what they are doing they are making plans based on a hypothetical future outlook. Some of the smart ones look for patterns, they look at history, they look for data they can make sense of and take action on, but they are winging it the best they can. That is good news, if it is news to you. The truth is most of us feel like we suck, we feel incapable of getting anything done, or we are not good enough to actually pursue our dreams. Shit to be real, most of us do suck, we are incapable, and we aren’t good enough to pursue our dreams. But knowing those at the top are also fumbling their way to success should give you the audacity to try. AND when you fail, try again!

The saying, life is a journey, is fuel to let you know as long as you go on that is the point. There will be plenty of failures on the journey, plenty of mistakes, and wrong directions, and getting off the path, and danger. If you have something you want to do or be in life, be willing above all else to suck at it for a long time. Be enthusiastic when the failures come because that is how you learn, that is how you grow, that is how you learn what you truly value. If we listen to the doomsday experts- we have a fucking advantage over everyone else. Most people want to take the news of doom and gloom and hide away. They want to save themselves, they want to get really small and selfish. They don’t realize they are going to die anyway, they don’t see their short lives are marked by selfishness and greed; I’m looking at the anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers. We have the advantage of looking back on two years of a fucking pandemic, we know how to live, how to connect with others, and we are beginning to learn how much we need each other. We will see huge shifts and if we get our shit together we can actually do things that will make our lives better in the end.

If you want to write? Now, this year is the time to do it. If you want to spend time working on your art, that’s right baby, get after this time of isolation and focus. This is the perfect time to learn to meditate, to focus on your physical health, to work on the person you want to be. There is a world of new technologies and opportunities that you can learn about and mast at home, so quit waiting for permission and do something. This is also a perfect time to reach out and connect with those you love. There’s a myth that people would get together in person all the time before social media. That shit ain’t true. Some people would do it. The rest of us stayed home like we were in lockdown. But we would call each other, bullshit, and live. With social media, we can check in with each other in fun and interesting ways. Don’t be used by social media for advertising eyeballs, use that shit to connect with your people and enrich your life with connection.

Happy New Year my friends.

P.S. I have a lot of projects and plans for the first quarter of the year. I haven’t settled on a posting schedule yet, but I will be sure to post once a week. Later Gator!

Creativity is My Soul’s Connection To You.

Do you ever wonder why you can’t get it right?

Have you ever just tried so fucking hard to pursue a dream and it falls apart. Every effort fails, every effort crashes like the ocean on the rocks. It is the unborn egg consumed by a predator for a meal just to make it to the next meal. In this life I believe we are all capable of doing interesting things that sets our souls on fire. I believe most of us settle for entertainment instead of risking our ego through creation. We live through someone else’s art. We let them put in the work, we let them risk their sense of self; all while we hide away and put our efforts into earning a living. Instead of living, we just exist. We trade what our souls long to be for what society lets us be.

The truth is, it is up to us to reach out. To let our souls create. To light the path for others. This paradox calls for us to set ourselves on fire, to both see and be a light. But you might say to me, “Nino, no one cares about my art.” The FUCK YOU say! You care! Your soul cares and your soul in my opinion is connected to every soul and in that every soul breathes with your creation. But here is the thing by doing what you do you… Maybe not your art, but by creating, you become an inspiration. And the better you get at making your art, the more of an inspiration you become, because the quality of your art. (All artists care about the quality of their art)

Creating art, writing, making things that put us out there directly and indirectly is what makes us artists; not the quality, not the quantity, the act of doing it alone. And once someone who doesn’t consider themselves creative does creates, their soul feasts for the first time and they want more. I am not talking about paint by numbers I am talking about expression, making something you love and dancing in the light of your own cleverness. The loop of inspiration begins when we let ourselves be free to make what we want and say what we believe to be true.

Here’s the thing, you won’t succeed at making your art if you are looking to others for permission to have your own dreams, goals, or ambitions. You won’t be an artist if all you do is copy. Because even if you succeed you will only be a copy, and you my friend are an original. Life has given you a story, passions, skills, ability, insights, and much more to make impactful art. You will succeed when you give in to your creative urge and make the art your soul longs for. That is when we learn, even if things fall apart, we are enthusiastic to start again because it is all a part of the process and the road to our creative success. That is when we own the dream because we allowed ourselves to become dreamers.